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PipPost works hard to bring you financial market and FinTech industry news as well as precious insight about online securities brokerage firms and asset exchanges!

PipPost is run by a group of content editors with 8+ years of experience in the industry. We have a rich background in investment and CFD trading related activities but we are not professional traders.

Because we believe that keeping ourselves apart from the trading practice keep us unbiased and impartial. So that we can provide you only the facts; nothing more.


What we do


Every day, we closely follow the market developments around the world, starting with the Asian markets.

We analyze the trends, discuss the news among us and inspect the events on our economic calendar list, like most traders do. Closely following the financial markets is our daily routine.

Since we do not partake in online trading, instead we write news articles about them. We also gather news from other major sources and share them on our website giving full credit back to the original authors.

We select the major news that will most likely impact your trades, so that you can catch up quickly without spending precious time.

Thus, we bring you only the news that matter.

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Navigating the financial markets and trading is a skill that you need learn and hone over time. Start from the beginning and improve your skills!

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Catch up on the latest market news and stay in the loop! Prepare your strategy before starting to trade today! Discover market opportunities in advance!



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