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September 24, 2022

Digital Asset Exchange Platform Granted ‘Crypto Financial Services Provider License’ by Israeli Regulator

September 1, 2022

Georgia to Update Crypto Regulations to Incorporate EU Rules, Legalize Industry

August 11, 2022

Moroccan Capital Markets Regulator Launches Fintech Portal

December 9, 2022

Over the Last Year, Bitcoin’s Market Cap Slid From the World’s 8th Most Valuable Asset to the 26th Position

December 9, 2022

Paraguayan Cryptocurrency Law Shelved After Presidential Veto

December 9, 2022

Kevin O’Leary Reveals FTX Paid Him $15 Million to Become a Spokesperson for the Exchange

December 9, 2022

US Senator Calls Sam Bankman-Fried to Answer for Failure of FTX and Alameda Research